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Entering the Dream of the Earth: Nighttime Dreams & the Imaginal Realm

2018 Online Conference featuring 20+ Speakers on the topics of dreaming, visioning, altered states of consciousness, entering a new reality, meditation, shamanic journeying, shared consciousness, and so much more!

January 17-26, 2018

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Balancing Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine

3-Day Live Event featuring 13 speakers plus audience Q&A

June 6, 7, and 8, 2017

One thing is certain:

We need both Masculine and Feminine, working together, in harmony, to bring about a new & vibrant future for the Earth.

We need all aspects of ourselves, and our relationships, to be brought to light so that we can embrace & embody the sacred balance of the Earth & Cosmos, and rediscover the magic & mystery that we are so desperately missing from our lives.

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The Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Global Online Summit Featuring 36 Speakers

February 6-20, 2017

Is Gaia Speaking to you?

Mother earth is constantly communicating with us, through trees, rocks, and rivers; through sun, wind, and rain; through polar bears, eagles, and whales; through our own subconscious & intuition.

She reaches out to us offering guidance, support, and protection. She is also calling us to action at this critical time in human history.

What is Mother Earth's message to us, as humankind, her children?
What is her message to you, as an individual?

 Dare to accept this paradigm-shifting invitation. Open your heart to new ways that you can connect with Nature.

Feel the steady heartbeat of the Great Mother in your own life.

Join The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit, in which 36 experts will share their personal experiences and decades of scientific research about humans' reciprocal connection with the Earth.

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Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

Global Online Summit Featuring 26 Speakers

July 11-22, 2016

Learn how ancient spiritual practices and modern-day science are mutually reinforcing.

Physics, superstring theory, epigenetics, quantum theory, DNA research, studies of dark matter and dark energy, and many other lines of scientific research are discovering and proving again & again the truth behind the wisdom that ancient & indigenous peoples have known for millenia.

The simple fact is that energy and ancient healing methods are the next frontier that science is just beginning to discover.
... And yet, at the same time, these practices are essential & eternal truths that we have known since the beginning of time.  

Our scientific instruments, and for most people, our five senses are not attuned to pick up on auras, chakras, the spirit world, and other aspects of the unseen, vibrational reality that surrounds us. But we should not assume that this reality doesn't exist.

With this summit, we invite you to explore the idea that there may be far more to our everyday existence than meets the eye.

Sign up for the summit and gain exclusive access to the research and insights of experts from around the world, who are all excited to share their discoveries with you.

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