Do you have an overall health conscious approach to life, but still find yourself struggling in one or more of the following areas:

Fatigue / tiredness / lack of energy

Ongoing or chronic health problems

Lack of passion about life

Overweight or gaining weight in the tummy area

Not sleeping consistently & deeply each night

Stress & anxiety

Depression & fear about the future

Lacking a consistent exercise / fitness plan

Dependence on pharmaceutical medications

Eating unhealthy foods even though you know you shouldn't

Concerned about preventing major health problems in the long-term

If this is you, the 10-Week Visionary Health Breakthrough Program could be exactly what you're been searching for. Read on below to discover more details about this unique approach to your health & your future!


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What Is Included in the Visionary Health 10-week breakthrough Program?

The focus of this 10-week program is to guide you to discover the amazing world of superfoods, herbs, reducing your intake of certain harmful foods, and eliminating toxins from your daily life. You will be provided scientific research, expert recommendations, and fun, easy recipes every week. This program is designed to completely support you in making the suggested changes to your diet and lifestyle.



Here is what we'll cover:

Week 1: Your Personal Health History

Week 2: How to Make Cooking Fun & A Makeover for Your Pantry

Week 3: Removing Toxins from Your Life, Beginning with Processed Foods and Your Environment

Week 4: The Powerful Reasons Why You Need to Reduce or Eliminate Certain Foods from Your Diet

Week 5: Boost Your Longevity & Immunity by Reducing Sugar

Week 6: Heal Your Digestive System by Reducing Dairy & Gluten

Week 7: Who Should Detox, How to Detox Safely, & How Detoxing Supports Healing & Rejuvenation of Your Cells & Organs

Week 8: Miracle Superfoods for Radiant Health, Energy, Stamina, & Longevity

Week 9: Incorporating Herbs for Immunity and Full-Body Health

Week 10: Personal Check-Ins, Progress, and Customized Recommendations


Every week, You'll receive:

A 75-minute live Webinar teaching session plus 45 minutes of Q&A

Personalized on-the-spot coaching (if you attend the live session)

The recording of the session to watch at your convenience

Delicious, easy-to-make recipes aligned with the themes covered each week, to make it easy to incorporate the suggested dietary changes into your daily life

Access to the online course forum where you can post questions, interact with other participants, and gain additional support throughout your process of taking your health & nutrition to the next level 

Links to additional resources and information to support your healthier lifestyle


What happens in Week 10?

During Week 10 (the final week of the program), we will not have a group Webinar. Instead, each participant will schedule a 45-minute 1:1 session with Jocelyn to review your results so far, talk about any challenges you faced, and receive tips & recommendations for how to move forward into your healthiest life, fully customized for your unique needs & goals.


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Course Schedule

We will meet on the following Wednesdays at 3 pm Eastern time:

Week One: February 21, 2018

Week Two: February 28, 2018

Week Three: March 7, 2018

Week Four: March 14, 2018

Week Five: March 21, 2018

Week Six: March 28, 2018

Week Seven: April 4, 2018

Week Eight: April 11, 2018

Week Nine: April 18, 2018

Week Ten: April 23rd through 27th, 2018 (for 1:1 sessions)


What Will I Gain from Participating in the 10-week Breakthrough Program?

Following the recommendations in the Visionary Health 10-Week Breakthrough Program will help you to sleep better, have incredible energy every day, lose weight (especially in those trouble areas!), eliminate digestive issues, restore your vibrancy & passion for life, improve your health in all areas, increase your longevity, and reduce stress and anxiety.

When your body is functioning optimally, it opens you up to live the life you really want. You will have renewed passion for what's most important for you, whether that is your family, your career, spiritual practices, traveling, volunteering & helping others, or even finding a new type of work that is more heart-based and fulfilling to you.

Pricing for the Visionary Health 10-Week Breakthrough Program

Choose Your Plan Below: Pay In Full or Installment

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Why is our health so important in raising consciousness?

On a personal & individual level, physical health & detoxification is an absolutely critical & foundational building block for spiritual growth. When the body is functioning optimally, and when we are using healthy foods to power every cell of our bodies, we are far more open to receiving spiritual insights & downloads; having clear & powerful dreams; creating space in our life for a regular spiritual practice; and experiencing the profound beauty, magic, and synchronicities that are offered to us each day from Nature, from our own inner wisdom, and from a higher power.

On a global level, when we detoxify our bodies using the power of plants and natural foods, we are then projecting increased health & purity into the collective consciousness and energetically to the Earth. Mother Earth needs each of us to step up to full health; to become connected with the plants which possess tremendous consciousness and healing powers; to demand organic and high-vibrational foods from the food producers; and in this way by our individual daily choices & purchases, we truly can revolutionize the food system for all of humanity. In this vital way, we can support the Earth in detoxifying and healing from the effects of our human activities which have created pollution and stress in virtually every ecosystem on the planet.

The health of our physical bodies is so important! Our bodies are the sacred temple of our soul, and we have an innate responsibility to consciously return to a state of true alignment, support, and honoring of the miracle of life within our bodies, that fiery spark which burns within each & every one of our cells.

Consider the potential large-scale effects from you as an individual engaging in detoxifying and improving your health: When one person improves their physical state, it influences their family. When the family does so, it carries forward with positive impacts for the community. And when the community purifies (this includes not only the people, but also the land, agriculture, and the human structures & activities in that local area), it has a significant & long-lasting positive influence on our health at a global level.

Do you want to be involved in this revolution?

It begins with simple conscious choices that you can make every day.

The Visionary Health 10-Week Breakthrough Program is designed to provide everything you need to know in order to make optimal health & nutrition choices on a consistent basis, to vastly improve your health, joy, well-being, and energy levels; and at the same time you will know that you are contributing to the greater health of our planet.


~ Wishing you optimal health & joy every day! ~


Love and light,

Jocelyn Mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet


Important: For your own safety, please do not stop taking medications or engage in significant changes in your diet or fitness routine without first consulting a medical doctor to ensure the changes will be compatible with your specific health situation.