Raise Your Consciousness

Every one of us is a precious star in a vast and incredible universe. If we can't feel our power, it's because we have become disconnected from the parts of our world that are meant to fill us up, bring us peace, and rejuvenate us. We each have the potential to live a brilliant life. Sacred Planet is all about helping you to reconnect and shine your brightest.

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How can we return to the true Sacred Masculine? How can we let the Sacred Feminine run wild once again?

One thing is certain:

We need both Masculine and Feminine, working together, in harmony, to bring about a new & vibrant future for the Earth.

When you register for this event, you will gain access to 3 full days of workshops delivered by 15 expert speakers from around the world. They are gathering from June 6 to June 8 to share real & immediately actionable ways to integrate Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine principles in your personal life, heal your relationships, and discover a more balanced approach for understanding & healing the world in which we live.

Featuring Shakti Malan, Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan, Clare DuBois, Ilarion Merculieff, Simone Wright, Aeolian Heart, Dr. Tayria Ward, Woman Stands Shining, Gary S. Bobroff, Elisa Romeo & Adam Foley, Boysen Hodgson (The ManKind Project), and more!

This exciting 3-day LIVE event with 15 speakers is FREE for all registered attendees.

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Wisdom for our time from Arkan Lushwala:

"Evidently, today we find ourselves living in the most intense time, the time of renewal.
This is the time of a purifying chaos in which lies are seen for what they are, and there is a collective craving for returning to the simplest truth. At this confusing time, old group and ethnic identities become debilitated, and millions of humans lack clarity about their future and their true place in the world.
The social pillars and belief systems of the conservative past are broken, and the new pillars are not built yet.
There has been a great deal of learning during the struggles of the conservative time, but the time to harvest has not arrived yet.
The collective state -- which is similar to being in labor -- contains pain, fear, and great hopes all mixed up. This time is the most difficult, and it also offers the most opportunities for those who seek their liberation from old mental prisons.
This time is somehow dangerous for those who resist, because its energy is fierce and incontestable. It also has the potential to quickly bring back to the light all those who move their will in favor of real changes.
Now is when the big change happens, so that a new time of creation may arrive and find hearts that are clean and open to see and support the unfolding of a new world, still unknown."

~ Written by Arkan Lushwala in his book The Time of the Black Jaguar

Rays of sunlight filtering through the tree tops to the lower levels of the forest. You, too, are the light and you have the power to illuminate your world.

Rays of sunlight filtering through the tree tops to the lower levels of the forest. You, too, are the light and you have the power to illuminate your world.

Love and light,

Jocelyn Mercado