Raise Your Consciousness

Every one of us is a precious star in a vast and incredible universe. If we can't feel our power, it's because we have become disconnected from the parts of our world that are meant to fill us up, bring us peace, and rejuvenate us. We each have the potential to live a brilliant life. Sacred Planet is all about helping you to reconnect and shine your brightest.

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Why Visionary Health?

Health & nutrition are absolutely essential building blocks for your personal & spiritual development.

On a personal and individual level, when we are using healthy foods to power every cell of our bodies, we are far more open to receiving spiritual insights & downloads; having clear & powerful dreams; creating space in our life for a regular spiritual practice; and experiencing the profound beauty, magic, and synchronicities that are offered to us each day.

And here's something additional that you may not have considered: On a global level, when we detoxify our bodies using the power of plants and natural foods, we are then projecting increased health & purity into the collective consciousness and energetically to the Earth. When we demand organic and high-vibrational foods, we exercise our power to change the food systems & global agricultural practices, and support the Earth in detoxifying and healing.

When the food and beverages that you take in perfectly support & align with the needs of your physical body, you will have renewed passion for what's most important for you, whether that is your family, your career, spiritual practices, traveling, volunteering & helping others, or even finding a new type of work that is heart-based and fulfilling to you.

You will sleep better, awake rested and rejuvenated, feel decreased stress & anxiety, and be able to do more of what you love! You will feel increased joy and fulfillment every day.

Our health & nutrition is about so much more than just choosing foods that are good for us. Our health affects every aspect of our lives.

If you are ready to experience glowing, radiant health; improve your sleep patterns; explore detoxification plans that support your immunity and longevity; learn to use healing herbs; and incorporate superfoods into your daily diet … I invite you to explore the Visionary Health 10-Week Breakthrough Program, in which you will be guided through a proven process to eliminate toxins and harmful foods from your life - forever! You will then learn optimal ways to boost your energy, immunity, and longevity by adding powerful superfoods, detoxification, and healing herbs.

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Wisdom for our time from Arkan Lushwala:

"Evidently, today we find ourselves living in the most intense time, the time of renewal.
This is the time of a purifying chaos in which lies are seen for what they are, and there is a collective craving for returning to the simplest truth. At this confusing time, old group and ethnic identities become debilitated, and millions of humans lack clarity about their future and their true place in the world.
The social pillars and belief systems of the conservative past are broken, and the new pillars are not built yet.
There has been a great deal of learning during the struggles of the conservative time, but the time to harvest has not arrived yet.
The collective state -- which is similar to being in labor -- contains pain, fear, and great hopes all mixed up. This time is the most difficult, and it also offers the most opportunities for those who seek their liberation from old mental prisons.
This time is somehow dangerous for those who resist, because its energy is fierce and incontestable. It also has the potential to quickly bring back to the light all those who move their will in favor of real changes.
Now is when the big change happens, so that a new time of creation may arrive and find hearts that are clean and open to see and support the unfolding of a new world, still unknown."

~ Written by Arkan Lushwala in his book The Time of the Black Jaguar

Rays of sunlight filtering through the tree tops to the lower levels of the forest. You, too, are the light and you have the power to illuminate your world.

Rays of sunlight filtering through the tree tops to the lower levels of the forest. You, too, are the light and you have the power to illuminate your world.

Love and light,

Jocelyn Mercado